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Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia

Welcome to Australia

Congratulations, you've chosen Australia as a new study.
When you arrive here, you will be among the many other students from over 150 countries already enjoy the many benefits of the Australian education system. In Australia you will make unique learning and teaching experiences that will promote each, innovative, creative and independent thinking and work. We help you expand your skills so that you can then use this advantage in your professional and private life.

Our Australia website was created specifically for people like you who are planning a study to move to Australia.

It contains all the important information from the parade, the everyday, duties and rights, you know as an international student and perceive should. For additional information, please turn to our academic advisor.

Use this link to find useful data about neu.edu.tr

For your study and stay in Australia, we wish you much success and hope that you enjoy the time here. It is a life changing experience for sure!

10 advantages of our free trials booking service & Info Service

  1. Study in Australia, when and where you want - tailored to your professional, financial and family situation!

  2. AA Education offers study options for ALL.

  3. AA education will help with all steps for successful application

  4. Cheaper than if you take alone and you can money, time and energy saving as our academic advisor many formalities, research, negotiations, information, documents and money transfers take in hand. Thus you remain on time and in some cases also very nerve-consuming action steps on the way to Down Under adventure spared. 

  5. Help in financing the study abroad through free services

  6. Study to help you with the individual orientation, students free service: Tests, Job Aids, translations, certifications, Discounts, ... free translation of all required documents, information about living and working in Australia ... control number; Bank account; Visa; Tips for working - and house hunting ...

  7. Career Counselling: Free Advice for job opportunities

  8. Quality assurance on site (if it at school / uni are problems once and has different expectations ...)

  9. Interactivity: forums, travel diaries & reviews 

  10. Please note: No one can give you the guarantee that you will be accepted by your desire Institute. We offer you the best possible job aids, FREE English tests when booking a course of 3 months and alternatives if you are not accepted.

We hope to see you as "international student" in Australia or New Zealand be able to welcome.


Studiengang: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students can get to the business-oriented Graduate School of Business Curtin Business School (CBS) and the world-renowned university qualification 'Master of Business Administration'.  additional information about the Master of Business Administration offers


Study in Australia with guaranteed job!

  • You like to write about your student life in Australia and you can perfectly express in German (Prerequisite: own laptop) OR
  • You are an amateur photographer and want to further your studies Australia publish images (Prerequisite: own good digital camera)

Apply now!


Which visa should I study in Australia?

Visitor Visa

The visitor visa is for travel to Australia, have the background or tourist for a brief period of study. Variants are this: short-term visitor visa: for 3 months or less long-term visitor visa: for three to six months

Working Holiday Visum

Anyone for a shorter period of max. Wants to visit four months a course, this can also have the Working Holiday visa do (age limit 18-30 years). English or Computer or Business courses are particularly popular with working holiday makers.

Student Visas

Before you plan to study in Australia, you should know that for a period longer than four months studying, you need a student visa for a shorter period than 4 months enough for a tourist visa if you or as an English or computer Visit Business course.

Free Student Advisory

for all applicants at AA Education Network.

Australian university fees

are significantly lower than in the USA or UK.

Universities in Australia

German students offer many advantages

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